School Travel Photo Submission

Please read before proceeding

This website enables Suffolk school students to capture and upload an identification photograph to appear on their SCC home-to-school travel passes.

You should only complete this form if you have received recent correspondence from SCC telling you to do so. Otherwise the form will be rejected.

The photograph must be a typical head and shoulders passport-style photo – looking directly at the camera, the right way up, no head or face covering (unless for religious or medical reasons), no tinted glasses (unless for medical reasons), neither too dark nor too light and against a plain background. The system will also guide the User through a simple cropping stage to ensure the uploaded image is of the correct aspect (height/width) ratio. Please see the guidance on acceptable images.

It is the submitter’s responsibility (must be parent/guardian if student under 16) to ensure the photograph is of good quality and a true likeness of the student concerned, otherwise the bus or coach driver may not accept the pass.

Holders of an existing travel pass can request use of their existing photo for their new pass providing it is still an accurate likeness.

The website can be used on PC, smart phone or tablet and the image can be uploaded from a photo file, captured via webcam or taken using a phone/tablet’s inbuilt camera.

Apart from entering/confirming various details to identify which student is submitting their photo at this time, the submitter will also need to enter their unique 'Student Id'. New students can find this 5-7 digit number on their invitation to Opt-in email; existing students will find it on their current travel pass; discretionary students will find it on their invoice.

Finally entering an email address is a mandatory requirement in using this photo upload website.